Muscle Relief Tools

How will the TPRT™ help solve your Aches & Pains

When you attend our TPRT™ seminar you will

You will learn:
How to release tight muscles
Use your body weight to leverage pressure with the TPRT™
Specific Active Isolated Stretching techniques for: ankle, calf, hamstring, quads and hips
Ways to improve plantar fasciitis, shin splints, foot pain, patellofemoral issues - patella tracking problems, IT Band tightness, hip pain, sciatica release techniques, low back pain, improve trunk rotation, Golfer's elbow, Tennis elbow, shoulder and neck pain

Benefits of using TPRT on your clients:


The Trigger Point Release Tool™


The Bosch Activation Tennis Program

Reach your recovery and restoration goals between tournaments and practice sessions.

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Through the decades, Bosch has worked with a plethora of athletes in the world of professional and college golf and tennis. Through offering unique massage, stretching, and personal training strategies, athletes have been able to transform their game on and off the courts and courses. These results have also been translated to Bosch's private clients that include working professionals, CEO’s, retired athletes, and on-the-go families.

For over thirty years, we have been using and adapting various techniques to meet individual client needs. This dedication has now become the launch of Bosch Revolution training products and tools for the kinetic chain. These products have been used to improve sports performance and recovery times.

Bosch Revolution seminars are available to athletes, physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, personal trainers and massage therapists.

Greg Bosch is a licensed Professional Massage Therapist (SC #2309) and Personal Trainer with American Fitness Professionals and Associates (87273) (AFPA.) He is a graduate of the Florida School of Massage where he received his initial training in 1991. Having a passion for the human anatomy and body movement, he spent over a decade studying directly under world-renowned Kinesiologist Aaron Mattes.

Under this tutelage, Bosch began to train his clients using the Activated Isolated Stretching and Strengthening Techniques as well as the G2 Max Hip and Knee Machine and the vertical pulley system. Using constant resistance through full range of motion as well terminal flicks (small short movements between prime movers and stabilizers), Bosch is able to achieve amazing results with their clients.

The TPRT™ is a valuable tool, designed to increase blood flow and minimize soreness. Bosch teaches others how to leverage their own body weight using the TPRT™