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Athlete Overview


Tennis, with its more than 300 million regular players, is the fifth most practiced sport in the world.

Although tennis is an overhead sport, it involves the entire kinetic chain. This means that injuries can occur anywhere throughout the body. The most common injuries in tennis include: 1) shoulder pain; 2) knee pain; 3) sprained ankle; 4) calf strains; 5) tennis elbow.

Most injuries in tennis are a result of poor training and conditioning. The repetitive motions that are a routine part of the game, like the serve and groundstrokes, can easily break down the body if you do not prepare appropriately. 

When muscles are weak or fatigued, mechanics are altered to increase the strain on all joints.  This is when we are predisposed to injury.

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When hitting a golf ball it requires good hand eye coordination, strength, core stabilization, timing and power. Many golfers want to hit the ball further yet they suffer from pain in their low back, hips, neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist.

Due to the repetitive motion of the golf swing, your muscles shorten and put tension and stress on your neck, spine, hips and legs. These imbalances oftentimes will lead to injuries.  

Short muscles lead to immobility. When the legs,low back, glutes and hamstrings are tight and weak they will limit the golfer's ability to load and unload their hips causing them to lift their head and to stand up out of their golf swing. Proper golf conditioning is essential to your ability to play and recover.

The Bosch Activation Method uses specific muscle relief therapy tools and strength equipment to analyze your movement patterns. We develop a custom muscle release and stretch program for you to follow. 

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