The Kinetic Chain Method

It is important to note that there are many influences on the Kinetic Chain between each joint. They include muscles,  fascia, ligaments and tendons.  Bosch Activation Equipment addresses all of these influences.

Athletes train their Kinetic Chain so their muscles and joints fire in a specific sequence to increase their balance, strength, speed and accuracy.

Kinetic denotes the force transference from the nervous system to the muscular and skeletal systems as well as from joint to joint.  And Chain refers to the interconnected linkage of all joints in the body.  

With your Kinetic Chain, the firing order of your muscles matters. 

It is like when you give a person your phone number. You put your numbers in the right order, so when the person dials your number they actually reach you. If you do not put your phone numbers in the correct order, the person calling you will reach someone else.

Your Kinetic Chain in the same way needs to be activated in a specific way.

Bosch Activation Training Equipment includes closed kinetic chain exercises where the foot is connected to the ground or a foot plate as shown on the G2 Mini X or the Combo X.  

Our Half Moon Training Device is for the open kinetic chain. These exercises occur where the foot is off the ground.

For example: When a soccer player kicks a ball their plant leg is an example of a closed Kinetic chain link. And their kick leg is an example of the an open kinetic chain link.