Tennis Programs

Bosch Tennis Assessment

Length: 1 Session (90 Minutes)

Investment: $350

We will analyze, gait, posture, ROM for hips, hamstrings, adductors, quads, shoulders, neck, wrist elbow. Assess strength with G2 Mini X, pivot point, half moon. Muscle testing to link neck to core to Identifying compensations. 

Pre-Tennis Therapy

Length: 4 Training Sessions (1 Hour Each)

Investment: $700

The first session is a general overall - identify areas of concern.  Second to fourth sessions -  sports massage therapy to specific problem areas  in your body along with AIS stretching.)  

Bosch Activation Tennis Fitness (BATF)

Length: (8) 45 Minute Training Sessions

Investment: $999

Once you have gone through Bosch Tennis Assessment (BGA) you are eligible to begin (BAGF) . This includes 45 Minute Training Sessions designed to improve blood flow, circulation, flexibility and strength. Train clients how to structure to workout and use our equipment and tools. Once you have completed 8 sessions you are eligible to purchase Bosch Activation Equipment.

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